DRIV//AR is an Augmented reality service designed for particularly privateer car dealerships. DRIV//AR allows these businesses to communicate the auto industry to its customers more effectively. DRIV//AR is able to be successfully implemented into any business that sell cars, and can easily justify the interests of company management, manufacturers, and potential customers.

DRIV//AR is essentially a platform for assisting customers into buying the best car for them, and will have two main targets to address. The first focusing on informing the potential customers about the methods used in efficient cars such as Electric Batteries, KERS, Hydrogen Cell and even just traditional forced induction.

An example of the Mercedes Benz SLS E-CELL was used. I obtained the exterior and interior for the car. But then covereted it from an AMG to the E-CELL by modelling body modifications, the entire chassis, underside and wheels. I the built an interactive AR app using the Vuforia SDK in Unity 3D. An audio narration took the user through different components of the car. The result was a technical-demonstration/prototype of how the technology could be used.
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