B A I is a converstional Artifical Intellignece I built using the API.AI platform. It is linked with a very content rich database I built.
B A I is designed to assist people to figure out what consumer product is best for them in areas they have little knowledge on (cars, consumer technology, hardware-tools). Due to my small obsession with cars. I decided to use them as my proof of concept.
The aim of the project will be to develop a seamless system that focuses on a niche market and taking the user's specific requirements and comes up with the best possible solution. The AI is voice to voice, text to voice and voice to text formats. The structure and foundations of the AI uses basic machine learning techniques.
This project also aims to be a basic example of where technological singularity could lead humans and AI to co-exist and work together on everyday tasks.

 Give it shot at: full-room.com
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